You can read my story in this blog post.  This “about me” page is a little more of the daily specifics.

The Life and Times of A Blonde

I was born in 1969 in Nashville, TN (Gemini and a fabulous example of “Wednesday’s child has far to go.”) I’ve never strayed from the state as far as living goes, but love to visit beaches.  Savannah and Tybee Island are two of my favorite places, with Annamarie Island in Florida running a close third.

As far as “jobs go”….

  • I was a secretary in a nuclear analysis department
  • I served in a “governmental secretarial pool” doing such massively important things as delivering mail, and handing out visitor badges.
  • Hired as a graphic designer when I didn’t know the first thing about it – they hired me because I was the first person the recruiter met who knew how to turn on a mac
  • Spent 12 years in direct mail and publishing at a little one man shop where I learned a lot but didn’t make a lot.

Some of the big events in my life have been

  • Took my first out of the country trip in 2011 (a cruise)
  • Lost my dad when I was 19
  • Had my son, Ashton, at age 16
  • Got married, got divorced.  Rinse and repeat.
  • Went out on my own as a graphic designer and print broker in September of 2010.

My business suffered in 2013, and I took a position as Creative Director at a franchise development company.  It was supposed to be very part time, enough to cover the rest of my expenses while I spent the rest of my time building my business back up.  It quickly turned to full time plus supervising a staff of three, which meant my weeks quickly went to 60+ hours to handle both.  We were laid off in November 2016.  The happiest moment of my life after the birth of my child.

I did, however, learn a hell of a lot about franchising that is putting substantial dollars in my pocket now, as a franchise development consultant. Plus, I can choose my clients.  I find I enjoy the work far more than I did the employer, but I can honestly say without the three years I spent there I wouldn’t have ever thought of working in franchise development.

My first love, though, is writing.  I write supernatural paranormal fiction and am currently working on writing a book “Evermore Lane,”  which is about a girl who finds out she’s a witch and has to fight to find her place in that world.  Sound familiar? I write fiction under the pseudonym “Lola Lyons” because I felt I needed to keep it separate from my non-fiction work.  Lola was my childhood nickname because “What Lola wants, Lola gets.”  I told you, I was terribly stubborn.

It was a jolt of inspiration about writing that started me down this path, the one that leads to and through She Dreams In Ink.  I had a TON of different ideas and things I wanted to do, but I couldn’t figure out how to house them all under ONE business roof.  To me, they were just too different to combine.  This went on for years.

But after I was laid off, I had some room to breath and think about what I wanted to do next.  And I really wanted to build a business that incorporated ALL of the different projects I wanted to do — graphic design, writing, online courses, blogging.  It occured to me that all of these things had not one but TWO things in common… first, they were all MY dreams, and swirled into life from somewhere deep within my creative hemisphere; second) they were all about taking ideas and making them tangible — putting ink to paper, so to speak.  Even my fiction writing persona, Lola, can come live under this roof!  Thus, She Dreams In Ink was born in the form of this blog and an Etsy store.

I am currently working to build this online business that takes a practical approach to figuring out your dreams and your roadblocks to living them.   My goal is to make the woo-woo side of things more tangible with lots of tools and resources to help with planning, mindset and action steps.

PERSONALLY, I’m prone to swearing, driving fast, deciding it’s way too “people-y” outside, and making people say “I never thought of it like that.”  I’m about the INTJ-est INTJ you’ll ever meet. I’m a huge fan of really good books and really long naps.  I love cats, koi, ocean life and horses (although generally not mixed together).  I’m practical, I’m straightforward, and I say what I think.  Welcome to She Dreams In Ink!